Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Parent Participation

I think parent involvement in a student's speech and language services is very important.  However, parents are busy like us and often don't always know how to best help their children when they are at home.  I started a parent blog to help parents with the ins and outs of particular sounds and language skills.  I pulled together all of the best resources I could find on-line, such as YouTube videos, handouts from Heard in Speech and Ms B the SLP, and advice from other SLPs to make a one-stop place for my students' parents to go.  I send this link to parents at the beginning of the year.  and maintain it on my school webpage for them to use as a resource.  It makes practicing at home much easier for parents, and gives them videos, handouts, and specific directions for how they can best help their child.  Check it out below: