Friday, March 21, 2014

Linky Party- Technology

Jenna at Speech Room News is hosting another great Linky party for favorite technology.  Here are mine:

1)  My iPad-  love all of the apps and the fact that it is portable, high interest, motivating, etc.  I can use it to take mini movies, pictures, and also record students.  The uses are limitless!

2) SmartBoard-  I absolutely love mine.  Something about the bigness of it really makes ordinary activities a little more fun.  I love to read books on-line on it, play games on it, and run therapy software on it so all of my students can participate.  Plus, it is great to have on for some of my groups because I use Class Dojo with them (see that post here).
3)  The internet-  I use it all the time to read blogs, cruise Pinterest for inspiration, and to research new things with my students that pop up while we are working together (we had to look up what 143 meant on our candy hearts during Valentine's Day-  it means I love you in shorthand-  ahhh, instant knowledge).
The greatest thing about technology is that I can integrate it in to other activities-  it is one more tool in my therapy tool belt!  What are your favorite technologies?


  1. I am SO wishing I had a smartboard! Love to get those bodies up and moving!

  2. I have a Smartboard at one of my schools, and have just started using it this year (this is my 2nd year at that school). LOVE it!