Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Speech Fun

I really love the fall (cooler weather, changing leaves, FOOTBALL), and it sure lends itself to themed based speech activities!  My favorite one involves using the book The Busy Tree. 
The book is good for anytime of year, but I really like to use it in the fall when I think of a tree being the "busiest".  Students love to debate if the fall is the busiest time or not (some are adamant it is the spring.  I love when they use their language to tell me why they feel that way).  Plus, it seems like the classroom teachers have already read all of the best fall classics by the time students come to me!  The author of the book has a fantastic COMMON CORE discussion guide  you can find here at her website:  This book is a great way to ask why questions, describe objects and animals, and compare and contrast.  It also pairs nicely with one of my students’ favorite games-  The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel. 
Add in a fall-themed worksheet from Super Duper Open-Ended Seasonal Worksheets, and we have a week of therapy done.  What do you use for a fall theme in speech?

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