Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy Hallowiener (Plus Freebies)

Last year I discovered the book The Hallowiener about an adorable pup named Oscar whose mom gets him a hot dog costume for Halloween.
Of course this leads to lots of teasing, but by the end of the story, Oscar saves the day! It is a story my students love with plenty of speech and language opportunities built in, especially when paired with these freebies:

This link contains sheets for l and l-blends; s, z, and s-blends; f and v; ch, sh, and th, r and r-blends; categories, and a blank sheet for you to write in words or language goals. Students can use bingo markers to color in the pumpkins as they practice words from the book or they can use crayons. This can also be given to a small group to look through the book together for words with their sounds while you work one-on-one with another student. Enjoy!

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