Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stepping In To Good Speech

So I have this lovely cinderblock back wall that is full of screws and old hanging hooks from previous occupants.  It has been an eye sore for over a year, and I just didn't know what to with it.  Of course Pinterest always seems to inspire me, and I found a really cut display some one made of a girl stepping on steps made from Bloom's Taxonomy.  Light bulb moment!  I instantly knew I could modify this idea and make it the steps for articulation proficiency and cover my hideous bland back wall at the same time!

Viola-  my latest creation:

Oh, how I adore Pinterest!  I just printed the words on white paper and glued to red cardstock to frame the step.  The black lines are black electrical tape.  The boy was copied from a Google image of  "clipart of climbing steps" that I projected on to my SmartBoard and then traced on white paper and colored in-  making sure to write in some of the common sounds we work on in my room. 
How have you been inspired by Pinterest?

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