Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rudolph Operation and Holiday Parties

Today is our last day of school before the Winter Break, and this tired SLP is READY!

Here is a peek at what we did the last two days since most of my students were:
A) Having a holiday party in their class
B) In puberty classes if they were fifth graders!
C) Making a special ornament for mom and dad
D) Performing a special play for parents

WHEW!  Busy kids make it very hard to get students for therapy.  If I was lucky to get a group, most of them only stayed for fifteen to twenty minutes.  Thus, it was time to either eat, or play a little Rudolph Operation-  or both!
My students in grades 2-5 really liked this game (the Humble Bumble grumbles if the tweezers touch the side of the object you are trying to retrieve and can scare the younger ones, so it is a little harder for smaller kids who do not have good fine motor skills).  I love it for the older crowd because they can practice their skills and then try for an object on the game card to earn money.  Plus, the game is like classic Operation, it is full of idioms and figurative language that you can discuss with your students!
Of course, few things excite my kids more than a good old-fashioned speech party. 
We enjoyed treats while we discussed what our favorite games were in speech this year.  I let the kids list their top choices and then we voted on which one we would play when we get back from break.  I think I got more language today then I ever have before!

Hope everyone had a fun end to their work week before break!

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