Sunday, January 12, 2014

Colorful Sentences (A Freebie to Share)

I have a new student who qualified in the area of syntax, so I wanted to create something that could be a visual for verbal sentences as well as written ones.  Since I plan on using the app Rainbow Sentences with her, I wanted to create something that can work with that program, or on its own.

If you haven't used Rainbow Sentences, here is more info about it.
The app helps students construct grammatically correct sentences using a color coded template.  You can even set the colors for each part of speech yourself, but I use the default one and made some templates for my student to use that match the system in the app.  The great thing is you can use them without the app.

This is an example of one of the templates in the freebie (and where I would love for my student to be one day!).  However, we will be starting with just a simple noun/verb sentence next week!  And that one is in the file as well.  I added the punctuation box on each of my templates because her goal is for syntactically/grammatically correct sentences verbally and in writing.  I plan on using these great clear pockets to slip the sheets in and letting her use a Vis-à-vis pen to write her sentences.
You could also use a sheet protector and get the same effect :-)

Grab your freebie here!

What do you use to help your students with syntax and grammar?

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