Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Lucky" Dollar Store Find = Quick and Easy Reinforcer Game for St. Patty's Day! I know I am jumping ahead a little with this post, but I was in the Dollar Store looking for these cute lips someone posted on Facebook to have in my room for Valentine's Day:
(I mean, come on, what SLP room would be complete without lip clip magnets! :-)

When I found this really cute magnet set that got my mind thinking ahead to March:
This kit for a dollar has a great little leprechaun magnet that can be cut in to pieces and put on a whiteboard or cookie sheet and used to play St. Patty's Day Hangman as a reinforcer.
After your student practices his/her speech skill, he/she can then guess a letter in the word you have on the board and if they aren't right, they can put the hat on the hangman's noose:
I would keep all of the pieces on the side in the order you want the leprechaun to be built....
....but what a fun and inexpensive thing to do in between the drill work!  I plan to use St. Patty's day vocabulary words like shamrock, blarney stone, pot of gold, etc. as the words they have to guess.  This is also a nice quiet game to play the week of St. Patty's Day since my older students will be taking state testing in writing that week.

You could also check out the Dollar Stores around other holidays and find more of these types of door magnets for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. to play at other times of the year.

Just wanted to share this idea in time for you to hit your local Dollar Store!

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