Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose

Ok, so some things are just automatic themes when you work in an elementary school-  right?  Take Dr. Seuss.  Now I love me some Cat In The Hat, but I was never really attentive to the Doctor's birthday until I got in to speech.  Now, I am crazy for Seuss, and here is a peek at what we are doing for his birthday next week in speech.
So, to start, if you have a theme for the week, you have to decorate, right?  I found this cute set at my local Party City for around three bucks!  I just got them laminated and they are ready to be placed on my whiteboard at the end of the week.

Last year, I snagged the iPad copy of One Fish, Two Fish to read my students.  This is great, obviously, for the /sh/ sound, descriptive words, and irregular plurals.  All of my kids enjoy the rhyming text and the story can be read by you, the students, or read aloud.  It also has some interactive features as well.
I pair it with this game I found on Pinterest last year from the Mama Miss website:
She includes fish you can print and cut out, but I had some plastic ones from Oriental Trading that I let the kids use.  Take a die from your chipper chat set (they only go up to the number three) and let them roll after practicing their skill and add that number to their bowl-  most fish at the end wins.  To spice it up, you can create your own dice or spinner and add in some other things like lose a turn, give a fish to a friend, etc.  I have a vinyl cube that I can add pictures to for any game..
We are being laid back in my older groups and doing a Cat In The Hat card toss.  Each student gets a card deck based on their skill to work on, and after practicing, they toss the card to get in the hat (also from Party City).  A point for every card that makes it.  Easy peasey and I don't have to print, cut, or laminate any materials!!  LOL!

Speaking of no prep, I got this game at Target this summer and can't wait to have the students perform these fun challenges after completing skill practice.  There is a similar Cat in the Hat game played like Neds Head where students pull out an object without looking from the hat.  I might grab that for next year.

What Seusstastical ideas are you doing in your speech room?

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