Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Snow" better thing than free therapy materials!

I have to admit I was jealous of other bloggers sharing pictures of snow days!  Now, we are finally getting snow here in South Carolina, but unfortunately, the ice is starting to fall as well!

My youngest walked to the neighbor's house in the snow.

It is so chilly, that my little cat actually walked to the fireplace and looked back to us as if to say "Let's get this thing cranked up!"  So, of course, we turned it on just for him!
So being the dedicated SLP I am (translation already getting bored at home since I really don't know how to sit still and relax!), I thought I would share a post about how I make a daily stop at Teachers Pay Teachers. 

By now, I think everyone has been to this wonderful place for teacher created materials, and for a long time, I always went through the specialty area to see what SLPs were posting. 

Now, I go every morning and hit the free downloads section highlighted below by the green arrow (it is always under the Featured column on the left top section of the home page):

Once you click on Free Downloads, you can choose to see Most Recently Posted by clicking the sort button:


Finally, you can see what new things have been listed for all areas- and there are so many gems each and every day. My travel drive is getting full as I am able to find tons of free ELA, grammar, and flash freebies posted each day that fit in to my therapy even though they are not listed as speech therapy (not to mention free clipart that I also save in a file for this summer when I finally bite the bullet and start making more of my own book companion sets and cards). Here is an example of another freebie I found that had just been posted within the past hour (seriously, over a hundred things are posted everyday to this section and I always manage to find at least one or two items each day). Hope you find some great items!



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