Friday, October 10, 2014

Target Finds

If you are like me, you can spend hours in Target!  It is just so easy to find lots of little things for every aspect of your life at pretty decent prices.  I was in the Halloween section looking for crazy hair for one of our spirit days next week (can you guess what day?  Yep-  crazy hair day), and I found two cute games that are perfect for the weeks before Halloween.  No printing, no laminating, and they can be used with any book or goal practice.

I absolutely LOVE the book Room on the Broom, and this witches' hat ring toss game is perfect for kids to play after reading the book while you ask them questions from the book:
Sorry it is on the blurry side-  my daughter was holding it and my coffee at the same time (Starbucks in Target equals one broke SLP).  I did not get this game because it is ten dollars right now and it will be half off the day after Halloween when I will send my hubby out to snag one 50% off, but definitely something to grab this year to play next year!

I did buy this cute Tic-Tac-Toe set for $5:
Love, love, love things that can be used all day for all groups to fill those last few minutes after reading one of our favorite books in therapy.  Be sure to look through the posts from last year in October to see what I have done in the past for Halloween therapy themes if you are new to the site, and stay tuned.....I will be showing some of my activities for this year in the next week. 

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