Thursday, September 25, 2014

Linky Party: Our Speech Room Staples: TPT Products You NEED in Your Speech Room

Speechy Musings is hosting a linky party to share products SLPs need in their speech room that you can find at Teachers Pay Teachers.  I don't know what I would do without TPT-  so many creative, affordable products ready for immediate download.  It is truly a lifesaver for the busy SLP, and below is my list of must haves from TPT.

1)  Comparing and Contrasting Speech Pad by Miss Speechie
I use this for all of my students who work on comparing and contrasting.  I LOVE the way it is broken down by skill (comparing by looks, comparing by function, comparing by location, etc.)  I think it really breaks down a complex skill into easier steps and provides lots of practice to make sure the students really understand the concept.  Plus, my kids love the "speech pad" graphic.  A definite must-have!

2)  Context Clues Packets for Tier Vocabulary by Nicole Allison

I love to work on context clues with my older language students and I use this product several times every week.  I like that it uses tier 2 vocabulary words at two different levels (one with four possible multiple choice answers-  which I sometimes use two of the choices when I first start with the students, then three, and then four as they become more skilled at using context clues), and open-ended examples.  It is so hard to find good context clue prompts/cards- this pack is a gem!

3)  Possessives Speech Therapy Unit by Liz Haider
Possessives is one of those things several of my grammar students really struggle with, but this deck of cards makes learning this skill so easy.  It has cute graphics, and I like how it starts by introducing the person on the card (i.e. This is Katie), and then says "This is ______ balloon" with a picture of the balloons on the same card.  Students can fill it in as "Katie's", or with the pronoun "her".  I use these cards every week.  They are the best ones I have found for possessives and pronouns work.

There are many more great products I use, but these are the three that have made their way to my therapy table every week this school year.  I also love Speechy Musings WH Questions Binder (read about it on her linky main page here.   What is your favorite must-have TPT product?

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