Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Who Stole Twinkleberry's Bone? A Game Review

I think all kids (and adults) love the game Guess Who?  It is a classic in most speech therapy rooms, and Lauren at the Speechstress has put a fun new twist on an old classic with the game "Who Stole Twinkleberry's Bone?". 
Lauren was kind enough to provide me with a review copy, but the opinions are all mine.
The game is designed to help students with asking and answering questions.  It is just like Guess Who, except with adorable dogs.  Students can take turns picking a dog for the others to guess, or they can try to figure out which dog the SLP has chosen.  This is the way we played it in my room.
Students cover up the dogs based on how their questions are answered (i.e. does your dog have long ears?  No-  then cover the dogs with long ears so only the ones with no ears showing or short ears are left).  Is your dog's tongue showing?  If yes, then cover those dogs who do not have their tongue showing.  Keep playing until you are left with only one thieving dog-  the answer!
Students have a great visual card to prompt them about dog attributes they can ask questions about making the game much easier for those who struggle with this skill.
This card alone lent itself nicely to a discussion of what attributes are, why they are important, and different types of attributes.  Using the husky in the picture, we used our EET to go down the strand and talk about what group he belongs in, what does he do, where do you find them, parts, etc.

Overall, this is a great twist on a classic that engages the students and lends itself to a productive therapy session.  Even my artic only students got in speech practice by reading the names of the dogs on the game board and using their good sounds as they asked their questions.  Check out this fun game here, and more of Lauren's products at her Teachers Pay Teachers store.  You won't be disappointed!

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