Sunday, September 7, 2014

Data Binders

Nothing is more important than keeping up with your session data, and after posting my data sheets, I had questions about how I keep them and use them throughout the year.  So, here is how my data sheets are kept for sessions:

First, I have two notebooks-  one for Monday/Wednesday groups and one for Tuesday/Thursday (we have Fridays for evaluations, meeting, billing, etc. in our district).
My Tuesday/Thursday binder has a red cover.  I am using 1 and 1/2 inch binders this year (I used to use three inch binders but they took up the whole table!).  I have plastic dividers inside both that separate the groups by the time they come for speech.

I paper-clip to the back of the divider any worksheets I am going to use for that particular group, as well as any reference sheets I pull when I first write the goals for a student's IEP so I can have stimuli and prompts for skill practice when we are in sessions like below:

This set is double paper-clipped because their are several for idioms, antonyms, and multiple meaning words I printed out.  I like to have these not only so I don't always have to pull out a deck of cards for each student, but I can give the sheet to the student to look over while I am having another student practice their skills.

You can also see I love me some post-it notes!  The post it notes have an activity for Monday and one for Wednesday.  On Friday mornings I look over what the group did the previous week and then I put on a post-it note for what we will do the upcoming week.  I also add notes on it like if I have to take data for a student's annual IEP.  Simple, not fancy at all, but works really well for me. 

My data sheets I use are in a previous post so check them out.  This is the system I have found that works for me.  What is your way of organizing all of the data you collect?

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