Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Therapy Games to Snag During Black Friday Sales

Well, my Christmas tree is up and I'm ready to tackle the two school days before Thanksgiving Break with the game my students love the most in my therapy room-  Pop the Pig.
Why this game?  Well, we have spent the entire month of November talking about Thanksgiving Around the World, reading Turkey Trouble, making turkey puppets, and playing turkey-themed games.  This game is perfect for all of my groups and for all age levels.  Many of my groups may not even happen as many classrooms do special family lunches and plays, etc.  Plus, it is no prep and easy to set up.  Pair any card deck with it and it is an instant therapy activity that focuses on one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions-  eating til you POP!

So, looking ahead, I spent this Sunday leafing through the circulars that came with the Sunday paper, and now I am already thinking ahead to Black Friday deals.  It is a great time of year to pick up some great games for reinforcers in therapy.  I wrote about two new favorites Gooey Louie and Phil Up Chuck here.
I also love the following fun finds:
Jumping Jack will be great at Easter this year instead of always playing Funny Bunny.  It will be on sale at Target.
Moustache Smash is on sale at many stores including Target and Toys R Us this Black Friday.  Students smack the picture card that matches the mustache they have on a stick in front of their face for a fun reinforcer.  Plus, my kids like to adopt a funny voice as they wear the mustaches and say their words for artic practice.  I even record them on the iPad and we watch them saying their words as a group.
Dino Meal is another great new toy that will be part of the Target and Toys R Us sales.  I plan to use this during our dinosaur theme week in the Spring when I break out my Descripto Dinos pack from Super Duper.  The point of the game is to use the tweezers to grab eggs from under the leaves before the Dino growls at you.  May be a tad scary for some of my younger kids, but second grade and up should like it.  Keep in mind any students with fine motor issues could benefit from practice with the tweezers.

I'm also doing a zoo theme in the Spring, and this game that is similar to HoneyBee Tree but with more levels and uses monkeys instead of bees, will be a great game that can be used with all ages and groups.  This game is normally 25 bucks, but will be on sale at Kohls for Black Friday for only 11.99. 

What games are you looking forward to getting, or do you recommend, we look out for during the Black Friday deals?

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