Friday, August 29, 2014

Things Get Gross In The Speech Room

It was my first full week of therapy since we came back to school and I am wiped out!  I decided to make things easy on me this week, so we played two really fun games as we practiced our goals.  Both games got HUGE thumbs up of approval from all of my kids.

These games are on the gross side, but are great reinforcers.  Make sure to read my anecdotal story that only SLPs would really get after I show you the games!

First up, we have the game Gooey Louie
I grabbed this at Target during the summer.  You fill his head with long green gooeys that have to be picked out based on what you roll on the dice.
Pick the wrong one (the one attached to a trigger in his nose) and his brain pops out!  The kids just loved this game.  I loved that it is a super quick reinforcer that is also very motivating.  They had no problem waiting their turn to practice, and they seemed to really practice harder in order to get a turn.  One of my language groups listened so attentively to the science stories from my Super Duper Auditory Memory for Science cards that they got every question right!

The second game is called Phil Up Chuck. This game is available at Amazon and Super Duper. 
Students roll dice at the same time and the student who rolls the highest number gets to feed Phil first before the others do.  You feed him either hot dogs, ice cream, chicken legs, or pizza (foam pieces of food) that match the number rolled.  Whoever makes his head flip over and the food to spill out (Phil "upchucks") has to flip over a clean shirt card (players have four) to show they threw up.  First one to get four dirty shirts loses.

So I have to share this story with other SLPs.  One of my articulation groups was just talking nonstop during the Gooey Louie game.  They just were so excited playing it.  However, not one could say the word boogers.  I got burgers, and I got buggers, but they could not say boogers.  Now only fellow SLPs would think that was ironic and funny!

Anyway, hope your first weeks of therapy with your students are  as much fun!

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