Monday, April 7, 2014

TPT Plunge Linky

Felice at the Dabbling Speechie is hosting a Linky Party about favorite products from TPT.  I am a huge fan of TPT, and have even written posts about purchases on the site as well as my favorite daily ritual of checking the free downloads on the site-  read more about it here.

So, if I had to pick my favorite two purchases, I would have to say the following are my faves:

1)  Articulation Notebooks

This is the priciest item I have ever bought, but I did get it when it was first posted and it around 40 something instead of the $68 it is now.  But, wow, what a comprehensive product.  It is well-made, super cute, and meets artic needs for my k-2 kids for the entire year.  There is a sample of the /v/ sound on the site you can try for free.

2)  Curriculum Based Language Assessments for k-5 by Nicole Allison
I use this every week when it is time to update my language student's IEPs.  I don't usually have time to give a formal evaluation again, and this gives great data for me to look at where to go next in their therapy.  It is divided by grade levels and linked to Common Core.  I just love this product (and all products from Nicole).

So those are my most used and favorites, but I also love everything by Mia McDaniel as well (just used her freebie the Magic Slide today!).  Look up her items on TPT.  They are great because they are inexpensive activities that allow you to target lots of goals for all of your students at once.

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I love those resources too!! I have some of Mia's quick artic and drill games.