Friday, August 8, 2014

Keeping Data

Can you believe how fast the summer has flown by?  I start back this upcoming Monday-  sigh- and I thought I would do a quick post on how I keep data.

I have read so many great posts and Facebook forums on ways to keep data, but in the end, it is important to find a way that works best for you.  I love the idea of using labels, but with 53 kids seen twice a week, a sticker for each two times a week means I would go through a lot of packs, making it quite expensive.

I also have looked at great examples for individual data sheets, but I am just not coordinated enough to keep up with multiple sheets when I am also trying to address multiple goals, interest levels, and behaviors at the same time!

So, the way I keep it is to do everyone in the same group on one sheet.  I have a sample of what it looks like here.  I just change the days and times I meet with students at the top of the sheet, click the EB box if they are Medicaid billable, and cut and paste a shortened version of their goals into the area by goals (I keep a running list of these to cut and paste from).

This year, we have to meet a certain number of sessions each nine weeks, so I'm keeping a running tally in the session notes section.  This area is also good for noting level of cueing or prompting required, behavioral observations, or reasons for absences.  I also have a section for each child to keep attendance as well, and the codes are on the sheet in the upper left corner. 

I have made a sheet for individuals, and for groups of two to five students.  I hope these may help you if this is the way you like to take data.

You can get the sheets I use here.  I took my name, position, and school year out of the footer space at the bottom of each, but since I made these editable, they can be added back in with your personal information.

Have a great start to your school year! 

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