Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Blessed SLP and a Fabulous Therapy Room

I'm going to start this post by saying that few things depress me more than when I read the conditions some of my fellow SLPs work in.


Under stairs......

Sharing a room with 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 other professionals....

In the hallway because they have no room!

I wanted to share how fortunate I am this year to have the room I have, and I have to say I feel like if there was an ideal therapy room, I am blessed to one that comes pretty close. 

Join this lucky SLP on a pictorial tour of her good fortune, and know that in the nineteen years I have been in education, this is the best it has ever been for me, and I wish all my fellow SLPs could have a great space like this one!

It starts when you walk in my door:
My two file cabinets of tests and student folders, plus an additional bookshelf with a few spillover games.
My cabinets and sink which I did not open to reveal more spillover games.  I'm going to go ahead and acknowledge that I have a problem-  can't quit spending out-of-pocket!!!
Our school mascot is the shark, so my family collection of them is on display as decorations (we collect a trip mascot every year when we go to the beach and the animal rides on our dashboard the whole trip.  Not sure how this started, or why, but it is one of our quirky family traditions).
This is the whole room when you stand by my sink and wall of cabinets.  Most excited to FINALLY have a window!
To the left is a student table and computer I will use for speech centers.

To my right is my big shelf of games and activities.
I have a big built-in additional cabinet for storage with.....
More games of course!
The wall with my whiteboard, therapy table, EET signs, articulation cans, and tons of card decks ready to be used!
Another shot of my most used space!

Corner of the room with more file cabinets and my bookshelf of professional notebooks, etc.
My SmartBoard

And my bookshelf full of picture books-  love to use books in therapy!
And finally my desk area.

So how lucky am I?  I just wish all SLPs were given a designated work space that was large enough to do all we do, a widow to know what is happening in the world outside, plenty of storage, an interactive whiteboard, and more. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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