Sunday, August 17, 2014

TPT Shining Stars Linky Party

SLP Runner is hosting a linky party for the second back-to-school TPT sale coming August 20th.  It is one day only, so be sure to mark your calendars!
I bought a lot more then I planned at the last sale because of a previous linky party.  I get such great products this way that I might have normally missed, so let me share what I bought I hadn't originally planned on buying, and what I have on my wish list for this one day sale!


3) Articulation Word Search Bundle by For His Glory
I also bought the items I had on my wish list from this previous post here.  I have already printed out the bulk of those products and have them ready to use when the kids start back next week. 

With this new sale, I am hoping to pick up:
1)  Lindsey Carol's Grammar and Articulation Picture Combo Pack
2)  Other products I discover in this linky party!  :-)

Start sharing your finds now!

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