Friday, November 22, 2013

Linky Party: Articulation Apps

Jenna at Speech Room News has a great linky party happening right now about favorite articulation apps.  She already listed my favorite:

1)  Articulation Station
It is bright and colorful and divided by sounds.  Students can score themselves (including approximations).  Sounds can be done in words (flashcards or matching), sentences, or stories, and it keeps data for you!

2)  Word Vault

I love this app!  It has lists for all sounds and you can open up multiple windows at the same time and easily navigate between the lists for quick drill.  It is no frills and only the words, but great when you need a selection of words with a particular sound on hand with large groups of kids with multiple goals!   You can also have lists open for language students at the same time!  Check it out:
3)  Speech Tutor

Sometimes no matter how I say it or how I show the way a sound should be made on my Mighty Mouth puppet, my students still can't picture it.  In comes this great little app for showing them how the sound is made.  They love this app!  Read more about it at:


  1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for linking up! I haven't tried speech tutor before!

  2. If Word Vault ever goes free, I'm definitely going to snag it! Speech tutor looks looks like it may be a big help with /r/!