Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Turkey Day Books

So Turkey Day is getting closer, and here is a look at what we are doing the next week and a half in my speech room. 

First, we are reading one of the Thanksgiving books pictured below:
The one with the glare has been used the most-  Thanks for Thanksgiving.  It has simple rhyming text, and lots happening in each richly drawn illustration that allows for lots of speech practice!

Depending on the group, we have done one of the following a read aloud.

1)  StoryMaker app on the iPad (Super Duper app) for grades k-1:
Using StoryMaker, we have made our own book for what we are thankful for, and after creating our own page, we narrate it and the book plays for us.  Below is my example page (notice how big the coffee pic is!  Super Duper needs to add a Starbucks symbol to the possible items in the food category!):
And here is one from my students (who is thankful for his home and wanted it to be the candyhouse):
2)  We are making turkey puppets or coffee filter turkeys in grades 2-3 with artic pictures for their sounds added in:
4)  Turkey sign sheet for grades 4-5: 

We read Turk and Runt for this grade level to get them in a frame of mind for what a turkey might say to keep from being eaten.  I use the cows from Chick-Fil-A as a reference as well (the whole eat more chicken idea).  Students have written lots of cute ideas such as "Lose Weight-  Eat Veggies" and "Turkeys Have Feelings, too!".

Use the link below if you would like a copy of the sheet!

Happy Thanksgiving Speech Days Ahead!

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