Friday, November 8, 2013

Technological Thanksgiving

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I thought once I got through October and all of my annual IEPs for that month, 1st nine weeks progress reports, and new students to screen and evaluate were underway that I would be able to breathe.  No such luck!  November has turned out to be even busier than October.  Most days, I feel so overwhelmed I am ready to throw things, and coming up with therapy ideas that can meet lots of different goals for all ages is really hard when there is no time to be creative.  So, why not make throwing something part of the therapy?

Don't get me wrong, we are also reading Thanksgiving books and making coffee filter turkey or turkey puppets with artic feathers as well, but some days, I just need an easy-piecey lemon squeezy idea that requires no prep and can be used all day long.  Thank goodness for my SmartBoard!

Awhile back, I found a free Thanksgiving koosh ball game where you throw the ball at  a picture on your SmartBoard and a blank screen popped up where you could write in whatever you wanted.  At the time, I thought about making each slide full of words with the students' targeted sounds, but since most of my groups have different kids with different sounds, as well as most groups have a language student as well, this would be very difficult.  So I just made each slide contain various amounts of points.  That way, before a student throws a koosh ball (or in this case, a stuffed beanie baby turkey) at the board......

they have to say words with their sounds, or describe one of the foods on the board, or name other foods that fit categories, or etc.  Once they practice, they get to toss and earn points.

Students can use the pens on the board to mark over the foods they have already hit:

When I went to post this idea, I saw the templates are no longer free in Teachers Pay Teachers, so I opened up Notebook on my computer and made one to share that includes the points and everything.  If you are fortunate like I am to have a SmartBoard, then feel free to download this and use it in your therapy room.  I will be making some for Christmas soon, so email me if you would like a copy of that when it is done.

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