Saturday, November 9, 2013

One Thankful SLP

So several blogs have listed what they are thankful for this month, and I thought I would share what I am thankful for as far as my job is concerned,  That is easier to put into words because I honestly can't express how grateful I am for my family and friends (there was a seven year time span where I lost my father and four grandparents, so the fact I have been blessed with such an awesome husband and daughters, as well as great friends, just can't be summed up in a blogpost)!  So...

Here are the things that make me grateful to be an SLP:

1)  My co-workers!  Talk about an amazing group of professional and knowledgeable.  They are always there to help me and our students.

2)  Other SLPs in my district.  I am speechless (ha-  excuse that pun) with the talented, exceptional SLPs I get to work with in my school district.  These women are so bright, energetic, and compassionate.  They always have a listening ear and words of wisdom and encouragement.  They have such varied experiences and increase my knowledge base every day.  They make me want to be the best SLP I can be!

3)  SLP Bloggers!  I started following Speech Room News my final year of graduate school...and that led me to Simply Speech and Crazy Speech World and 2o other equally great and exciting blogs.  The creative ideas I glean from these exceptional ladies, and guys (I'm following you too, Erik Raj!), makes me excited every day to be a part of the speech pathology community!

4)  The constant challenge of an ever-expanding, constantly growing field!  I feel like I could study this field forever and not even come close to knowing everything I should.  It is always so much fun to see new therapy techniques and research ideas that lead to helping children.

5)  My students!  I couldn't ever consider a field where I didn't get to work with children, and being an SLP allows to be nurturing, innovative, helpful, and encouraging each and every day.

What makes you thankful to be an SLP?

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