Thursday, July 10, 2014

Office Organization

Being a Type-A, perfectionistic, slightly extremely obsessive SLP, nothing gets me going more than being organized.  I thought I would share two things I have in my room that have helped me out the past two years for those of you who like to shop during the summer.
This is how I organize supplies my students may need during therapy sessions.  My whiteboard is magnetic, so I bought these white wire mesh magnetic boxes from the Container Store a few years ago when they were 40% off (they are made to hang in lockers-  check Wal-Mart or Target for comparable items in their back-to-school locker sections):
They come in a variety of sizes, and they make it really easy to keep all of my supplies in until I am ready to use them.  Then when we need a glue stick or marker during therapy, we just grab the container from the board.  I used magnetic business cards to make labels for the front of each container:

The links are just to give you an idea of where and what the products are to help you make these if they are useful to you.  I did not pay anywhere near the prices of these-  I am a bargain shopper and looked at several places and waited for sales before I put this together.  But it has been worth the price I finally did spend as it keeps everything so organized.  While you are at Office stores, check out your local Office Depot (or go on-line) for these great crayon tins:
I just can't stand how beat up crayon boxes get after they are opened the first time.  Plus the lost time of little hands trying to cram them back in to the box as we rush to clean up from an activity.  I've tried big pencil boxes that have all crayons mixed together, but then we have the digging in the box trying to get the colors needed headache.  These tin boxes keep a box of 24 crayons neat and tidy without the paper box.  They stack nicely and the kids love having their own "tin" of crayons. 

What little ways do you keep your therapy room organized?

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