Sunday, July 20, 2014

Storage Option for TPT cards

What's better than shopping for storage/organization of all of those TPT materials you have printed, laminated, and cut but now need storage for that meets the requirements of a highly organized, ultra-nerdy and could spend hours in the Container Store just looking at every possible way to store, collect, and organize your life SLP?  A fellow SLP colleague and friend who has the same passions going shopping with you!

This past week my friend and I went to our local Container Store and right in the door was the nifty product I told her I had seen at a craft store that is meant for keeping pictures:
It is a plastic case with a handle that also helps keep it locked, and inside is twelve 4 X 6 plastic containers that can store all of your creations.  And the best part?  It was two dollars less than the craft store had it with their 40% off coupon!  Here is the link if you do not have a Container Store near you!  My friend had a great idea to get chalk labels, or erasable labels to label each box inside.  Great minds, am I right?

Don't you just love finding bargains, getting organized, and shopping with friends???

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