Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Sweet Start to the School Year

Boy is the summer flying by, and hopefully everyone is having a great one so far.  There has been a lot of VERY stressful things happening in my personal life, so I have been attempting to feel some control over my life by thinking ahead to the first week back with kids so I have something ready in case things don't improve.

Even when things are going great both at home and professionally I still tend to plan ahead, so I honestly can say I've been thinking about how to start off the year with the students for awhile now.  Last year, I made fifty cupcakes and we had cupcakes and did these cupcake conversation starters available here at TPT (after we set up our speech folders , course)!
This was a big hit because the kids really liked the treat and how relaxed we started the year off.  This year, I think I will do either a get-to-know you activity around Skittles or M & M's like these below:

Food can be tricky sometimes, as so many kids have food allergies these days, so a book for the first session of the year can be a good alternative like this good one (Chrysanthemum) I posted about  here

What fun activities are you using to start off the next school year?

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