Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Sew" Easy

In my 19 years of education, I have never had a window in my room.  When I get to my school, I have no idea what is happening in the outside world until I walk out to my car in the afternoon.  This year, I FINALLY get a ...

So excited!  Which means I need a curtain.  Any money is tight right now, so I was so happy when I saw a Pin on Pinterest on how to make a cheap curtain. 

It is "SEW" easy!

First, hit your local craft store.

Grab three handkerchiefs in a pattern/color you like.  The ones above go with my room décor and were a dollar each.  I then got a pack of no-sew adhesive for three dollars that you simply cut and place between the cloth and with an iron heat to bind so you don't have to sew.

I laid it across the curtain to cut the right length.  Fold over the top to cover the no-sew adhesive and iron it to "sew" it closed.  I did this for three handkerchiefs:
I took these three handkerchiefs and made them into panels that fit over a tension rod.  Now I have really cheap curtains for my window:
I can't wait to look out this window this year and actually know what the weather is like during the day. 

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