Saturday, July 19, 2014

What's What- A Book for Teaching Attributes

Just had to do a quick blog post to share a neat book I found at Barnes and Noble called What's What?:
A brother and sister play a guessing game using attributes (which are also opposites-  i.e. dry/wet, cold/warm, etc) to guess a final item by the end of the book (a dog).  It is great for breaking down the teaching of attributes as it asks on one page, "What is _____(fill in an attribute)" like this sample page:
Followed by a colorful illustration and rhyme to list some things that have such attribute, for example:
I like several things about this book:
  • It allows you to create a list of attributes with the students as you read it and examples of each.
  • It allows a discussion of opposites/antonyms as mentioned earlier.
  • It features diversity in the main characters.
  • The final object that is guessed is one that is described by all of the attributes discussed in the book highlighting the fact that most items can be described by multiple attributes.
Check out your local bookstore for this little gem, or by clicking the link above to Barnes and Noble.

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