Monday, June 16, 2014

Bath/Utility Carts for Card Organization

I decided one Saturday to hit my local Goodwill, and I saw a lady carrying out a metal three tier cart that made my heart sink because I knew it would be perfect for my speech room, and I knew there would be no more like it inside for the few dollars she most likely paid.
A few years ago I nabbed a four pack of the Super Duper card deck garages on special for a really great price.
I keep them connected together on the floor behind my therapy table so I can grab all of my favorite Super Duper card decks.  The two on the left side contain my artic cards, and the two on the right contain my language cards.

The problem was I had a lot of card decks from other companies such as  the Speech Corner Double Deck cards and Linguisystem cards that are wonderful but come in a big box. 
I also wanted to have these cards within reach, so I was so excited to see that cart being carried out by the Goodwill shopper because I knew those big boxes would fit neatly underneath my white board against the wall behind my therapy table where I could just swing behind me and grab the card decks I needed.

Here are my carts:
I got mine from the bathroom section at my local Target, and I did pay twenty for each.  But they come with wheels so I can easily move the carts, and they are worth it for me to be able to easily access my materials. 

What are some of your favorite organizational tools?

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