Thursday, June 26, 2014

Conjunction Junction What's Your Function?

This video is unfortunately a clue to my age, but growing up, I loved SchoolHouse Rock and this song has always been a fave.  It is the perfect video to share an idea I got from one of my teachers-  and it can be blasted on my SmartBoard for my students who have conjunctions as a speech goal!
Each conjunction is printed on cardstock and then using a hole punch, a matching color large paper-clip is looped through.  Students are given two pieces of a sentence and they place them in the correct conjunction that makes sense for the sentence. 

This is a great teaching tool, or independent center for students to complete on their own while you are working with another student.  A word of advice, I would write the number for each sentence on the front or back so the kids now which two pieces go together and can worry about using the right conjunction instead of which parts go together (for example-  the sentence in the picture above-  write the number one on "We can go the movies" and the number one on "We can wait and go tomorrow" so they know these are the two parts of sentence number one.  Then do number two, number three, and so on in the file I've attached.

You can grab a copy of the sentences and conjunction cards here for free!

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