Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thrifty Linky

Jenna at Speech Room News is hosting a linky about best finds at thrift stores.  I did a post about this last year-  check it out here.

If you read that post, it gives some tips for thrift store shopping.  I have found some of my most-played, best-loved games at these stores, including:
Piranha Panic-  Good game for modifying for all goals.  Each child picks a color of fish and try to get theirs upstream first.  A lever is plunged if a piranha is rolled on the dice causing piranhas to pop up and eat the fish, which means you have to start again.  The kids love this game.
Hyperdash-  Great, quick reinforcer game that takes less than 20-30 seconds for each student to play in between skill practice.

Little People Playsets-  Grabbed a farm set last year with animals and the farmer.  Ohh, the language practice opportunities!

What are your favorite thrift store finds?


  1. Oh man! Piranha Panic looks amazing! I have to go look it up!
    Thanks for joining the linky!

  2. Piranha Panic looks fun!