Friday, June 13, 2014


Whew!  I can't believe I survived the final weeks of school, and already had my beach vacay! 

Unfortunately, the craziness of the past few weeks kept me from posting!  I hope I don't slack off again this summer!

So I told one of my grad school friends that I planned to spend at least one week this summer doing absolutely nothing speech related.  Oh, my, the hubris of the frazzled!  During vacation I had to read all of my SLP peep blogs while I was at the beach.  Plus, all Facebook related forums-  and I couldn't help buying more supplies for the next year.  I bought a game from the Salvation Army at Pawley's Island:
And two games from the cutest toy store in Litchfield Beach called The Toy Isle:

The Pizza Party game is a dice game where you roll toppings  (dice) to add to your pizza slice (each slice is different), and the popper game is just to do something different for next year when I do my beach theme.  I already have a penguin popper and Easter bunny popper, but this guy was just too cute!

I do not think I will be able to go a whole week without doing something speech-related since I found out the afternoon before our final day of work that I was switching rooms.  EEEKKKK!  Thank goodness the next day was a work day and my resource team helped me put twenty years of materials onto carts to go from one hall to another in a day!  Now I get to redo my room since I will have a whole new color scheme ..... like my weeks of printing out all of my TPT purchases from the last big sale wasn't enough to keep me busy!

What are your plans for the summer break?

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