Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How Is This NOT Professional Development?

So, I bet my dinette table looks like a lot of yours out there:
Here is my before picture with stacks of TPT purchases I finally printed and spent hours cutting out so it could then be....Laminated!
Love my Scotch laminator I ordered from Amazon last year.  It was only $25 dollars and the pouches produce a nice hard, slick, durable laminated product that is much sturdier than the flimsier one from our school laminator.

On the right side was what was done, and on the left is still to go.  Love the final product, but still takes a while to do.
Here are the ten products at the end of the process.  Not bad for three days work.  However, I have nineteen products on my "to print summer 2014" file on my laptop:
Despite only getting 10 out of 19 done, the hours to get it all done should count as CEUs or professional development or comp time or something!  :-)  Here is the manpower hours it requires to get these 10 done:

Printing-  1 hour
Cutting-  3 hours
Preparing to laminate (I have to tape in some of the small cards because they shift when putting the sheets in the laminator if I don't):  1 hour
Laminating:  1 1/2 hours
Cutting laminated products:  3 1/2 hours

Ten hours!  Whew-  that is a lot. 

Totally worth it to have these great products, but dreading having to do the next set!  The thought that went in to selecting the materials, preparing them all, and planning ahead to which students will benefit from the items is some of the best professional development I do all year!  Thank goodness for the summer because I couldn't do all of this during the school year!

What items are you busy prepping for next year?

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